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  • For Others Forever

    St. Joseph’s Prep is raising the bar yet again. We continue to build vibrant learning spaces to meet the needs of our students and we’re counting on our community to help bring our vision to life. Please make a pledge today so that we can continue to develop our programs, improve our facilities, and teach the next generation of leaders who will serve for and with others.

We Transformed the Prep

Because we are Jesuit…at the Prep, we dare to dream. We are open to the wonder of possibility and the relationship between imagination and growth. The new spaces are a part of that dream. This transformation was born from listening to our faculty, staff, coaches, alumni, and students about the needs of our school and became a reality because you decided to make it happen, providing what we needed.

John Marinacci

Transforming The Prep

Our faculty and students deserve facilities as exceptional and innovative as they are. What we know about teaching and learning has changed dramatically since the 1960s, when our 50-year-old main building was designed. Creating vibrant new learning spaces is essential to maintaining the Prep's legacy of providing a best-in-class education and ensuring that the Prep remains a top choice for driven young men from the Greater Philadelphia region. For Others Forever will shape an environment that reflects and supports the high caliber of a Prep education.

Completed Renovations

Enhancing Academic and Co-Curricular Spaces

Growing the Endowment

In a time of escalating costs, the need for enhanced revenue strategies to ensure our future ability to continue the Prep's mission. We have made great strides in building our endowment. 

The first phase of the For Others Forever Campaign added $17 million to our endowment, which is a critical tool for meeting this objective. However, more is needed to ensure the future of the Prep.

By Growing Our Endowment, We Will...

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  • Ensure that qualified young men from all backgrounds can attend the Prep

    Since the Prep’s earliest days, the sons of bricklayers, bus drivers, bankers, and surgeons from across the region have studied side by side, forming an uncommon bond of brotherhood. Critical need-based and merit scholarships funded by the endowment will maintain the extraordinary racial, ethnic, geographic and socioeconomic diversity that makes the Prep unique among private schools.
  • Sustain our Jesuit Identity

    Ongoing investment in retreat opportunities, faculty formation, service learning and other mission-related endeavors will become increasingly imperative for maintaining our Jesuit, Catholic identity for generations to come in the face of declining numbers of Jesuits and other religious.
  • Attract and retain top faculty through endowed positions, professional development opportunities, and resources

    Ninety-seven percent of our dedicated, world-class faculty holds a master’s degree or higher. Ensuring that we can continue to attract, retain, and support top faculty is important for maintaining the Prep’s rigorous academic standards.
  • Enhance our approach to comprehensive cura personalis goals with endowed funding

    By supporting endowed positions and programs, our students benefit from increased access to state-of-the-art equipment and sustained activities. From robotics to STEM initiatives, endowment resources will provide students with top-notch academic and extracurricular opportunities.
  • Allow greater flexibility in addressing emergent needs

    By taking stress off of operating funds, the endowment will allow for a more nimble approach as new opportunities and needs emerge.

Donor Stories

Alumni and benefactors have supported St. Joseph's Prep for more than a century and the For Others Forever campaign is no different. Women and men who believe in the Prep's Jesuit mission have stepped up to make our community's dreams into a reality.

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Campaign Committee

Pat and Joe Dunn '65 P '98 '02, Chairs
Tom Cellucci '76
Lisa and John Figge P '18 '20 '23
Jim Kane '73
Walter Kulp '87
Jim McHugh '89 P '23
Jeannie Murphy
Audrey and Tom Schwenger P' 16
Cindy and Bill McKernan '87 P '22 '23, Chairs
Betsy Courtney P '08 '10
Bernie Halfpenny '62
Jim Kane '80
Charlie Lewis '81
Tom McParland '52
Sean Rooney '80
Dave Wilson '84

Making Your Commitment


Betsy Courtney P '08, '10
VP, Institutional Advancement
For Others Forever is the most ambitious campaign in the history of the Prep, and we can't achieve these aggressive goals without you!

It's bold vision will not only transform our aging campus for a new era, it will ensure that the Prep can continue to attract and challenge top students and faculty with cutting-edge resources and opportunities in a rapidly changing world. Combined with the spiritual and academic formation of a Jesuit education, the innovations driven by For Others Forever will set our students on a trajectory unparalleled in the region.

Now is the time for the Prep brotherhood to stand together as men for and with others. Future generations are counting on you.

Pledge your support today to keep the Prep on the vanguard of educational excellence - for others forever.

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